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$25 Saves the Day

I am building a house and had sheetrock delivered. Prior to the delivery, my husband had spent many hours aligning the light fitures so he asked the two men to please set the sheetrock down gently as not to displace his hard work. My husband leaves and the two men spend 2 hours placing the sheetrock gently throughout the house. At my husband’s request, when they were done I thanked them verbally and with a small amout of cash. Before they departed one of the men came to tell me this story about how his grandmother always told him “the Lord works in mysterious ways” and how he believes it to be true. It seems that he needed to pay $124 at the end of this day when he picked up his child from daycare. He was concerned about how the daycare worker would feel receiving only part of the payment. You see he only had $100…..until he received our thanks of $25. The way in which he explained all this brought tear s to my eyes. He was at peace knowing he could pay his bill and I was blessed to be witness to what had just happened.

Beth Craig, United States

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Simply Holding a Door Open Brings a Smile

A young boy of about 10 or so held the door open for several people at the grocery store (including me). His mother had already gone into the store…and didn’t realize her polite young son was still standing outside being very sweet. His mother was a bit surprised that her son was no longer following her and had that momentary panic parents have when they don’t know where their child has gone off to. I pointed to the door and showed her what he was up to.

You should have seen the looks on the faces of those he did this for and on his mother’s face too. People smiled, complimented him, and complimented his mother. In return, the boy’s smile radiated like the sun itself. Win-win, wouldn’t you say?

~Jerilynne, Wauconda, IL USA

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A good samaritan keeps family together during crisis

When our home had been hit by lightening and burned the roof and parts of the second story, we found ourselves living in an extended-stay hotel for the next several days as I looked for a suitable rental home that we would need for the next 5 to 6 months as ours was being rebuilt. “We” consisted of my husband and I, our 3 children (ages 11, 9 and 7 years old) and two large Black Labrador retrievers in a two-bedroom Holiday Inn. At first, I thought we might be able to live out the next few months in this setting, but after only 3 or 4 days (and my male Black Lab’s trip to the Sunday breakfast bar!), it became obvious we desperately needed more room and a place for our dogs. As I was signing my children into school late the following week during a rainstorm, the school secretary was questioning me as to where we were staying, how we were doing, etc. as the school year had only begun 2 weeks before. Another parent was signing his children in late that morning also and was listening to what had happened. He never said a word, just signed in his children, kissed them goodbye and left. I left the school very shortly thereafter and returned to my former home to go over the details of the rebuilding process and look over more rental possibilities with the insurance agent, not having much luck with the rental allowance in finding a place. An hour later, I received a phone call from the school secretary asking me to call the gentleman I had noticed at the school earlier. Apparently, he had gone to his car, sat and thought a while and then came back inside the school to talk with them, asking who I was and what exactly had happened. He then asked them to call me and gave them his cell phone number. When I called him back, he told me he had a 4 bedroom rental home that had just been painted and renovated only a mile down the road in the same school district! It had a large yard and he was willing to have our dogs come live with us (as well as our two cats who were currently residing with a neighbor). When I told him what our rental allowance was, I was amazed when he told me not to worry, he would work with the insurance company to keep it within their allotment. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, but still questioned him as to why he would offer this beautiful home at an incredibly low rental price for our area to a total stranger AND allow it to be overrun with our pets when he could have rented it again immediately for twice what we would pay? He replied, “because I have 3 children and two dogs and I cannot imagine being in your position trying to keep your family together and calm, worrying about where we would live.” I called my husband at work and within 24 hours, we were moved into our new home and all back together. I think about this gentleman often and bless him always for the extreme kindness he showed to us ——– he truly was a good Samaritan.

~Amy, Carmel, IN USA

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Flowers Bring Smiles

As I was standing at the cashier in the grocery store, I noticed the man behind me had a big, beautiful bunch of fresh daisies in his hand, along with more items to be purchased. I teasingly said, “Oh! You shouldn’t have! We don’t even know each other! You’re so sweet! Everyone in the store is touched by your kindness!” The cashier piped in, “Even I am moved by your generosity!” We then went on and on, praising him for picking the best flowers to give, and what a smart move it is to give his woman such perfect flowers.

I finished paying for my purchases and gathered my bags, when suddenly a bunch of daisies was thrust in my face! He had taken some of the daisies and given them to me, with a big smile on his face. I beamed, as I gushed my thank-you’s, and gave the cashier a flower for her lapel, which only made her smile even bigger. I left the store walking on air, grinning from ear to ear, loving human kindness and daisies. I still have the daisies THREE WEEKS later, still inspiring me to be happy and kind to everyone around me. Life is sweet!

~Susan Phariss, Oklahama, USA

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The Post Office Comes Through

The other day we received an item from the post office, carefully packaged in an envelope with an apology for the delay and the poor condition of the item. Included in this envelope was a 3rd class item that didn’t even meet the rules for forwarding! What kind person at the post office took the time to carefully put this item in the envelope and make sure it got to my home?

Gil, Wauconda, Illinois, USA