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Even in the midst of pain, there is kindness

I don’t condone violence, I don’t condone racism, I don’t condone treating people with disdain or unkindness. And I forget, and I do these things, and I judge and, well, I’m human, like all 6 billion plus folks on this planet.

And Monday was one of those days when my judgment and anger came out, big time. A friend of mine sent me a link to a story that really got me going, really got me pissed off…and that is as kind a way as I can write about how I felt.

What was it that got me so fired up? Had me thinking thoughts I would prefer not to think? It was a story of someone inflicting pain on a group of people (they happened to be Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan) in Dayton, Ohio. You can see what I was reading about here. I wondered if this was the result of The Obsession DVD. Who knows? And I know it didn’t help matters, whether there was a scientifically provable connection or not.

And I screamed in my soul at the unkindness and prejudice that abounds. And I stormed around my office and home, yelling about unjustice and fear mongering. I stewed and steamed and judged and railed against this type of behavior and anger and hatred. Then I remembered…I am adding to that kind of behavior and negative energy by my own behavior. And the ONLY person’s behavior I can change is mine, as much as I would like, no prefer, to change others (it is so much easier to look outside and means I don’t have to be accountable for my own crap).

So I went back and read the original story several times and read the comments many times (something I don’t usually do by the way…sometimes I’m like the proverbial ostrich with my head in the sand). I read the story in the Dayton paper (and seriously did not feel it was written with any emotion…crud, there comes my voice of judgment again).

I decided I was going to find a kindness in the situation and turn my own nasty attitude around, come hell or high water. And I did, although it took a bit of time and thought, and it is there.

  • The woman who wrote the email to the site owner took action on her thoughts and feelings about the situation…she could have stewed privately instead of taking a stand
  • The woman who wrote the email took the time to be with her friends and provide comfort and caring words…she could have gone home and left her friends without support
  • The site owner published the story…he could have ignored it
  • The mothers in the mosque took care of the terrified children
  • The paramedic who gave oxygen to the child who couldn’t breathe
  • The many people took the time to write about their thoughts and feelings, letting others know that this behavior is not acceptable to them, letting others know this isn’t the way all Americans feel
  • The individual efforts to get this news out to mainstream media, let The Clarion Foundation know they disapprove of the DVD campaign
  • The individuals who added these precious Light Beings to their prayers
  • …and I’m sure there are many more to be found…these are the beginning and I will continue to look for ways to raise, rather than lower, the world’s positive energy.

Will you join me? Will you throw away the DVD if you get it? Will you focus on kindness? Say prayers? Look to your own being and do all you know how to do to raise the Kindness Quotient?

Yes? Thank you. With all my heart, thank you.

Whether there is a connection between the mailing of the DVD to this incident or not is irrelevant, in my is hatefilled and no doubt inflammatory, which does nothing but add that type of hatred to the pool…and methinks that pool is quite large enough already!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Jerilynne “MamaRed”

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A Raggedy Card Makes a HUGE Difference

I was handed a beat up old card from a friend of mine. My
initial reaction was to toss this raggedy, rectangular piece of
cardboard. But as I began to joke about it I saw a serious look in my
friends face so I held off.

She the card was to be giving to someone that made a big difference
in their life. She continues to tell me why she decided to give the
card to me and how grateful she was to have me as a friend. I was
blown away.

She then instructed me to give the card to someone that affected my
life for the positive. When I gave the card to a close friend I could
see he had the same initial reaction as me. And it obviously touched
him as well.

It made me reflect that a raggedy card with a few kind words can
completely change your day. It’s been about a week since I received
my card and I still feel on a high. How can such a simple act of
kindness have such an effect on me? I’m not sure but I know I like
the feeling. And I do plan on expressing my gratitude in a sincere
heartfelt way more often.

Vince Shorb, California, United States
National Youth Financial Educators Council

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Amazing Woman Defines Kindness

In December 2007 I met a wonderful woman at a conference in Los Angeles. I was starting up a new motivational speaking career (my big dream) and decided to actually get some training. A few months later this wonderful woman suggested a group of us get together as part of a mastermind group and help each other skyrocket our passions and our dreams.

Fast forward to this week. I received several calls from this Amazing. I had shut down my computer and was in the process of moving my adult son from Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois to live with me while he develops his passion for designing cars. I also had my phone on mute and wasn’t paying attention to calls…I was paying attention to the typical fun tasks associated with moving…EEK.

When I returned I got an email expressing her concern: was I OK?

I returned her call to find she had had a disturbing dream and was very concerned when I didn’t return her calls, wanting to make sure all was well. We talked about what was going on and it turns out her dream came to her when I was having a very tough time with some personal issues.

What an awesome act of kindness for her to pay attention to the message she got and to be persistent enough to make sure I was OK. I’m sooooooooooo blessed by the love and caring of this Amazing and all the Amazings who surround me during this phase of my life. I can’t remember a time when I have had so many people care so much!

Kindness ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light, hugs and blessings