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Why Millions of Stories?

The event described in Youth Treats Elder with Kindness is the one that eventually led me to start the Million Stories of Kindness campaign. I was reminded that day of how we generalize and forget to look for, and focus on, the awesome world that is right in front of our eyes. I knew, with all my heart, there were millions of kids, around the world, living lives of love and kindness, not shooting up schools or terrorizing people with gang shootings and random acts of violence. And I wanted the world to see those acts, not just the “evil” youngsters.

Last summer the idea was thrown between my ears again. And I made a half-hearted stab at gathering some stories. However, I was so seriously ill that I simply couldn’t keep up the research, learning, and doing that a project like this takes. Turns out the Universe was patient and gave me time to heal from my serious illness and meet just the right people to support, guide, teach, and give technical advice at just the right time.

With the launch of this site and the help of many encouraging folks (talk about stories of kindness!), I am now honoring the idea that was given to me 6 years ago and, as a not-so-subtle reminder that I was delinquent, last year too!

I am once again in awe of what The Universe, the Source, whatever you wish to label it, can bring when I get crystal clear on what I want to do and what I am bringing into the world.

Blessings to each of you in your journey….

Jerilynne (Jer or Mama Red if you prefer)