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Happy birthday friend

A boy and girl swimming in a blue lakeI am a mother of a beautiful 5-year-old autistic boy, Lachlan. After three years in an autistm early intervention unit he has just started at a mainstream kindergarten with a teacher aid. He is relatively non verbal and never had a friend.

But starting at kindy a little boy in his class named Will formed a connection with Lachlan. Will would hover around Lachlan. If Lachlan was playing blocks, Will was there. If Lachlan was in the sandpit, Will was there. If the teacher could not get Lachlan to sit down on the mat with the other children, Will would go and grab his hand and lead him to the carpet.

At rest time Will would drag his cot so he could sleep beside Lachlan and read him books. Lachlan celebrated his 5th birthday last week and when he arrived to class there was Will with a firetruck to give to his friend for his birthday. His mother came and introduced herself to me and said Will would often talk about his mate Lachie at school and wanted to know if he could come over for a play.

The tears began to well. I told Will’s mother that she must be so proud of Will for being so kind to Lachlan when often his actions and intentions were not reciprocated. She said she was proud of both – Will and Lachlan – they were both special little boys. Now I knew why Will was so kind I just needed to meet his Mother.

It is moment like these that make me realise the beauty in the world. The world through a child’s eyes without judgement. It is also moments like these that effect me the most. There have been many challenges and our family have faced them head on but it is the moments of kindness that make my knees buckle and realise the beauty in the world.

Thank you to a little boy named Will my son’s friend.