FAQ: Questions About Deposits

How do I make a deposit (submit a story)?

You can make your deposit right on this blog! Now how easy is that?

  1. Review the Depositor Guidelines
  2. If you’ve already read the Depositor Guidelines, click here

When will my deposit be available?

Deposits (stories) are reviewed, categorized, and published within 7 days after you click Submit. If you have a category you prefer, let us know. And if you don’t see a category you like, let us know that too!

What kinds of deposits can I make?

In brief, the kinds of deposits lighten the load of the reader and remind them of the goodness, the positivity in the world. For details, see Depositor Guidelines.

What if I’m not the best writer in the world?

No problem at all. It isn’t the grammar, spelling, or word choice that makes a bit of difference. It is the fact that you made the deposit that counts.

Does it have to be a big deposit?

In a word, no! Size definitely doesn’t matter. A one line story can bring just as much joy as a big long one. In fact, think of comedians who give you a big belly laugh with a great one liner.

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