FAQ: General Campaign Questions

What is the “A Million Stories of Kindness Campaign?”

It is a worldwide campaign to gather and *publish* at least one
million stories of kindnesses carried out by the unsung heroes in
this world. Whether a one liner or a detailed story, these stories
of kindness remind us of the positive aspects of ourselves and of
other people. This is a way to share the stories that aren’t often
told and should be…the stories that raise us up and help us see the
goodness waiting for us to notice it.

What are you doing with the stories?”

I am combining your stories with similar ones to
create a variety of products such as downloadable e-Books, printed
books, audio recordings, podcasts, journals, calendars, holiday
gifts, and the like. I see products such as “Kids Kindnesses”,
“Kindnesses to Animals”, “The Kindnesses in Your City” and other
products organized by various interests and categories.

I am partnering with like-minded for-profit organizations and am
donating a portion of the proceeds to nonprofits to help them
achieve their mission.

With the help of some amazing techie type folks, we are creating a
database to house the stories and make it easy to publish them in a
gazillion different ways.

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