Depositor (Moments) Guidelines

Hi Fellow Kindness Warriors!

Welcome to the Universal Bank of Kindness … we’re so glad you dropped by to check out our bank offerings. We’re a bank on a mission: to gather as many moments and stories of love, kindness, and inspiration as possible and share them with the world. Why? Because we believe publicizing those moments are a way to bring hope and peace to our world AND because we believe they don’t get enough air play.

The rules are very simple

  • deposit (submit) a moment when you have one
  • withdraw (read) a moment when you need a lift
  • whenever possible, add your positive comments to the deposits already made

There are millions of moments, millions of stories, out there and we’re betting that, if you stop to think about it, you’ve got a lot of them in your own life. Whether the moments are ones in which you play the key role or others you’ve heard about or read about or seen in action somewhere.

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Love and light, hugs and blessings

What a deposit is

Your bank deposit (moment) inspires others to look around and see the positive things going on in our world. The moment (or story or poem or song lyrics) is of

  • kindness
  • love
  • joy
  • inspiration
  • laughter
  • high vibrational energy thoughts and actions
  • all of these

What a deposit is not

Deposits are not

  • negative or sad
  • lectures
  • sermons
  • fictional

There may be people who don’t agree with the reason for the kindness. For example, many people are against the war in Iraq AND there can still be stories of kindnesses done by and for those caught in the conflict.

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