About the Campaign

The Million Stories of Kindness campaign is about raising the world’s positive energy by changing the focus from the icky, nasty, hateful stuff we see everywhere to the kindnesses, the positivity, the generosity that is all around us. It is there…swear…when you start paying attention to it. Kindness just doesn’t get the same air play that the other stuff does!

This campaign is about collecting, and more importantly, publishing…no BROADCASTING…these stories to a world sorely in need of more good news. Good news…from acts of kindness from one stranger to another, people who care about others, and to ourselves.

Tiny acts. Big acts. They all matter and they all make a difference–whether they are given to yourself, your neighbor, a friend, your community, your country, or another country. Every act of kindness gets deposited into the Universal Bank of Kindness (U B OK) and the value grows by leaps and bounds as your acts are combined with those done by others.

And with every story told, and retold, the U B OK reserves grow and grow and soon crowd out the deposits made in the Universal Bank of Ickiness (U B of I).

We’re using every technological gadget, mechanism, system, and tool we can find (with your help of course) to get the word out. Blogs, podcasts, printed books, e-Books, radio shows, TV shows, online shows, audio, video. Partnerships with others doing kindness campaigns, kindness days, story gathering efforts.

Whatever it is, whatever it takes to get people seeing what is already out there and putting their focus on filling their days with kind acts, to themselves and to others.

Join in, join up, fill up the U B OK! Let’s show the world what we can do when we work as a team.

And remember what T. E. A. M. stands for? Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

Love and light, hugs and blessings

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