MamaRed, officially known as Jerilynne Knight, has brought love, laughter, joy, and hugs since she could toddle around saying “wuv you” to anyone who would listen. She would hang on to the legs of the nearest adult to give them her version of a “hug” and regale everyone with her dramatic renditions of some funny or another. From that time to the present, people have told her their stories, asked her advice, and leaned on her strength.

For many years she tucked her tail between her legs, trying to be what she thought others wanted her to be and living (if you want to call it that) a suppressed, repressed version of life. Depression and illness were her constant companions … and gave her a way to escape from the world whenever possible.

A few years ago, an amazing soul took her by the hand and helped her regain the heart of the child who came here to be an inspiration to others. Then, more and more teachers stepped into her life and taught her how to live again. One baby step at a time, MamaRed stepped back into the gifts she came into the world to share.

Now she is committed to helping others find their own gifts, their own essence and living a “Kick-Butt-and-Take-Names Life”. Charged up. Kicking booty and taking names along the way. Filled with passion, purpose and spirit. On fire with passionately powerful possibilities.

From the top of her red hair to the tips of her red painted nails, she believes everyone counts. Everyone matters. And everyone has a special gift to share with the world.

She also believes the entire world benefits when even one person decides to live full out.

That by taking a stand for your own gifts, you take a stand for all that is positive in this world and, together, we can achieve miracles.

Not tomorrow. Not next year.

Now. This minute.

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