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More Than “Just” a Postcard

A couple of weeks ago I during work I received an email request for permission to use copyrighted material. In particular, it was about the permission to use a historic picture. I, far younger than the picture itself, had not the slightest idea were that picture came from, nor who the owner of the copyright is. So, I knew a bunch of research waiting for me in order to reply to the request.

However, atthe same time, my work became busier and busier and I had many other tasks to do too. It happened that the email for permission request soon was on the bottom of my To-do List. Moreover, it was completely “out of sight, out of mind”.

Four weeks later (sorry for the delay!), after I finally found out who the copyright owner is and how to deal with the formalities, I replied by email to the request and sent the information required. To
be honest, I thought that the person who had requested was already angry at me and would blame me for my inablity to reply a request much faster.

Today, only one day later, I got a handwritten postcard with a neat self-made collage on the front page from the person who had sent me the email saying, “…BIG thanks for your support on the permission request!”

I was very surprised to receive the card and was glad I could help that person even after a big delay. “Wow, isn’t that so kind to send a postcard! I thought and pinned the card up on the white board in my office.

Now I have a daily reminder how a simple postcard can delight ones day.

Silke, Munich, Germany

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Kindness Falls Flat…Or Does It?

The other day I was running errands and was focused on getting everything done. I opened my trunk and saw a balloon I had intended to give my hubby for a surprise. I really don’t know how I forgot to give it to him and I did. I thought “CRUD” and went on about my task.

When I came out of the store, a little girl about 4 was crying…she had gotten a balloon in the store and when she walked outside, she wasn’t holding tight enough and the balloon was floating off into the air. As she stood there, inconsolable at the loss of her green balloon, I remembered the balloon in my trunk and thought “on my goodness, that is why I forgot to give it to my hubby!” Way kewl!

So I grabbed the balloon and walked over to the girl’s mom and asked if she could have it. Her mom smiled and said “thank you, of course!”. However, the little girl refused…she didn’t want “that one” she wanted the one floating away in the sky.

Her mom was so embarrassed and tried to get her to take it. I told her “no problem” and was getting ready to walk away when the woman’s son said “I’ll take it! I can give it to my cousin who didn’t get a balloon today.” I immediately handed the balloon to the little boy of about 7 and turned to see the mom was again embarrassed. I assured all was perfect…neither child had done anything wrong.

As I walked back to my car, I was once again reminded of the power of listening to the voice inside and following your instincts. Because, after all, the balloon went to exactly the right person…even if I was so ready to beat myself up for being so forgetful!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Mama Red

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People Still Stop for a Lemonade Stand

As I was outside today with a small group of people at work,
enjoying the hot summer sun, we began to talk about Lemonade, a great
and refreshing summer drink. As we began to talk, I really got a
craving for a great sweet lemonade.

As I neared my house on my way home from work, I could see in the
distance someone holding a sign. As I got closer I could see a child
holding a large, colorful sign advertising “Lemonade 50 cents”. How
wonderful, the universe had brought me lemonade and it was coupled
with the good feeling that would come from giving these hard working
kids my business.

I had passed their street and needed to double back. As I came back
around, I actually had to wait my turn because in front of me was a
Pleasant Nursery truck with trees in the back. I was just so thrilled
to see that someone else was taking the time to frequent the
neighborhood stand. As I drove up, I could hear the kids still talking
aobut the $5.00 they had received from that driver.

If you see a Kool-Aid or Lemonade stand this summer, consider
stopping – it does a heart good.

Springfield, Illinois, USA

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Amazing Woman Defines Kindness

In December 2007 I met a wonderful woman at a conference in Los Angeles. I was starting up a new motivational speaking career (my big dream) and decided to actually get some training. A few months later this wonderful woman suggested a group of us get together as part of a mastermind group and help each other skyrocket our passions and our dreams.

Fast forward to this week. I received several calls from this Amazing. I had shut down my computer and was in the process of moving my adult son from Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois to live with me while he develops his passion for designing cars. I also had my phone on mute and wasn’t paying attention to calls…I was paying attention to the typical fun tasks associated with moving…EEK.

When I returned I got an email expressing her concern: was I OK?

I returned her call to find she had had a disturbing dream and was very concerned when I didn’t return her calls, wanting to make sure all was well. We talked about what was going on and it turns out her dream came to her when I was having a very tough time with some personal issues.

What an awesome act of kindness for her to pay attention to the message she got and to be persistent enough to make sure I was OK. I’m sooooooooooo blessed by the love and caring of this Amazing and all the Amazings who surround me during this phase of my life. I can’t remember a time when I have had so many people care so much!

Kindness ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light, hugs and blessings

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Chef Ivo’s Customer Service Rocks

I recently celebrated my first anniversary in Galena, Illinois…a beautiful, quaint late 1800s themed town. As my husband and I were browsing the shops, I found one with one of my childhood favorites…pumpkin butter. Ummmmmmmmmmm! So yummy, and the recipe at Galena Canning Company was chock full of delicious flavors (lots of spices, just like I like it!). Not only that, the owner (Chef Ivo) had an amazing array of different sauces, jams, and other goodies…all with samples so you could make sure you liked what you bought!

I bought a couple of jars and tucked them into my bag to enjoy when we got home.

I was disappointed to find a problem with the jars when I returned home…however, I didn’t need to worry. I sent an email to the link on the website ( asking about the problem…and, almost immediately, got a telephone call from Chef Ivo, the owner of the company.

He was a charming man who has been in business for 16 years and has done so by maintaining an amazing relationship with his customers. He promptly offered me replacements…how kewl is that!

If you’re looking for amazing hot sauces, yummy pumpkin butter, jams, and all sorts of other goodies to spice up your life, check out his website!

Thanks, Chef Ivo, for keeping up an amazing tradition of good old fashioned Midwest hospitality!

Love and light, hugs and blessings