Dinner for a $1.06!

The night before last, I went to the local market to buy milk, two dozen eggs, and whatever else I could afford. I picked out some organic cereal, olive oil, and two cheap meats. I had twenty-eight dollars but the total was twenty-nine-oh-six. I sadly asked the cashier to take out one of the meats. She took my money, took out the meat and was about to close the register, when the neighboring worker called out in Spanish, “Give it to her.”

I was surprised. I was left without words, and stumbled to say no, it’s okay.

He asked how much was needed, and even an old man chipped in with a few cents, who was standing near. The worker said, “You should have a good dinner.” Both cashiers went ahead without really allowing me to protest, and then I said quietly, “God bless you.”

I spoke up a little louder, “I’ll pay you back.” It was a little more than a dollar, but I wanted to cry, especially because I’ve been trying to get donations online to pay off my school loan. I shook the man’s hand before walking out and thanked him while repeating that I would pay him back. When I got home, out of breath, I just wanted to hug someone.

I did and was looked at funny, but I know that all I want is that worker to know how much something so small is really big to someone. I’m going to draw him a thank you card.

wabbly from someone.punked.us
New York, NY USA

The rhythmofself. Follow it.

I accidentally booked a flight for two days before I was to take off. Northwest Airlines helped me out by finding me a flight the correct day without making me pay more… so awesome! 😀

Joel, Indianapolis, IN USA

Editor’s note: And we say “those airlines” aren’t kind!

Kitty Motel

It was SOOOO cold last night (like 0 degrees or less) that I felt bad for the poor outdoor stray cats. A couple are friendly enough to come up to my door when I open it so I invited them into my foyer and put a few large bath towels down and let them sleep in there over night. A couple others who were shyer huddled together on a chair I leave on the porch with its cushion. They seemed to be ok this morning when I checked on them. I also put water and food out this morning and they were quite thirsty since everything is frozen.

Pam, Columbus, OH, USA

Your Kindness Needed

The amazingness of life stuns me and catches me at the oddest moments. We all have an opportunity to lift each precious soul in whatever way we choose…prayer, meditation, thoughts lifted for a moment or two. Whatever stopping your day to wish wellness for another person, please do so and think of the gift each of us can be to another.

Kayleigh is a fighter!

Let's help her by fighting for her and holding her family up as they walk this path.

love and light, hugs and blessings

Doggies Go Back Home

Twice this past year I helped lost doggies find their way home. One was rather quickly, a little white dog wandering on my street and I walked him up and down and then the owner came down the street in her car…so glad to see him and that someone was with him! I know I would have been had it been MY dog.

The other was more involved. I was on my way home late in the evening and it was very cold and snow was on the ground (quite a lot of it) and I saw two medium-sized dogs running down the street, a couple streets from mine. I was worried for them to be out like that. When I stopped the car and called to them, they ran right up and got in my car. I took them home and got them inside. One minded really well, the other fairly well. I put them in my basement over night and walked them the next morning, hoping the owner would see them like the other time. Up and down several streets near where I found them but no luck.

I asked the postman, thinking he might recognize them but no luck. So I took a photo of them and made a sign and posted it on many telephone poles in the neighborhood… not an easy task in the cold and snow! (dogs had no ID tag with a phone or address, though they did have collars). After two days I got a call from someone who’d seen the signs! A neighbor who lives two streets over was their owner. She was so glad to have them back safe and sound! I felt good about it and was glad the dogs got back to their home safe and sound. I was worried about it because sweet as they were I couldn’t keep them myself. Even though it was a bit of a hassle for me (I fed them and had to walk them while they were with me) I would want someone to do that for my pet if it was ever lost for some reason

… do unto others, as they say. It’s just the right thing to do.

Pam, Columbus, OH, USA